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Polyclonal Antibody Production Polyclonal Antibody Production

Technical Summary
Polyclonal antibody production is performed using pathogen-free, barrier-reared animals. Barrier raised animals provide greater reproducibility and often produce higher titres with lower background.

Antigen can be supplied as either in solution, lyophilized or conjugation to a carrier protein.  We also offer conjugation of peptide to a carrier service.
Typical antigen concentrations required for each immunization each time are listed blow.

 Rabbit  Goat  Rat  Mouse

Facility and Process

Our facilities are regulated and controlled under strict Home Office Guidelines ensuring a high standard of animal care and documentation by dedicated staff. Standard operating procedures ( SOPs ) are in place when performing each process, i.e. Immunization SOP, Blood Sampling SOP and Serum Preparation SOP. All process records and data are fully documented allowing complete traceability.

GeneMay will use established protocols for polyclonal antibody production in normal case. Alternatively, we can use customized protocols. Simply telling  us the number of immunizations and bleeds you require, we will incorporate them into our standard protocol. We will then execute the procedure upon your approval. A protocol may be extended beyond it's original finish date. We will communicate with you to confirm by fax or e-mail in advance of the termination of animals. In order to meet our Home Office regulations, a brief justification of the project to be undertaken is required before the protocol can commence.


GeneMay can perform polyclonal antibody production in a variety of different species. Currently, Our service includs rabbit, Goat, Rat and Mouse.

Immunizations are performed according to the schedule by subcutaneous injection.  Rodents can be immunized with up to 0.1ml at each of two sites giving a total volume per immunization of 0.2ml. Other animals may be immunized with up to 0.25ml at each of four sites giving a total volume of 1.0ml per immunization.

There are a variety of adjuvants available for use in polyclonal antibody production.

Although no guarantee can be given regarding the final yield, typical volumes for antisera are listed below.
   Rabbit  Goat  Rat  Mouse
 Test Bleed
 up to 0.2ml
 Production Bleed
 up to 10ml
 up to 200ml
 Terminal Bleed
 up to 2.5ml

Test samples and production bleeds will be sent out within one week after colleciton unless further processing has been requested in advance.


GeneMay will perform ELISA against Ag tests for antibody titres for you. We also can perform a specific assay for your antigen if requested.

Antisera will be purified by either protein G purification or immunoaffinity resin using your ligand of choice.

GeneMay also offer conjugation service on your antibody. We currently offer the Ab conjugation service with FITC, PE, PE-Cy5, APC, Biotin, AKP and HRP.


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